Annnnd I’m Back!

Well, after a month of apparent technical difficulties  – my blog is up and running again. I am into official marathon training. About to begin my fourth week! It’s been tough to get up on cold mornings, so I have been doing some indoor treadmill running. Not my favorite. I feel like a hamster in … Continue reading

My Legs are Anvils

Yes, anvils. After two straight days of horseback riding, my legs are anvils. It felt like I had two three-ton pieces of iron attached to my body this morning. Oof. I didn’t run my best – 3.14 miles in 35:41. It was a bit of a struggle, but I finished my run and I know … Continue reading

Four Miles of What Else? Hills.

I did my longest run this morning. Surprisingly, I felt really good the entire time even though the majority of it was spent running uphill. My parents live in the middle of some seriously hilly woods. I managed four miles in 42:39. So good. Next week, my long run will be 50 minutes. Wow. I … Continue reading

Turkey Day Trot

There are so many things I have to be thankful for this year. As I took a run around good old Hollis, New Hampshire, I was able to reflect on them. Mostly because my iPhone died and I had no music to listen to, so I only had my thoughts, breathing and sound of my … Continue reading

It’s Official

I sent this in today! It’s real. So excited. My official race entry form has been sent to the Boston Athletic Association. Woohoo!!

The Middle of My Run Sucks

Right now, I’m just going through the pre-training motions. Running about 3 miles for 4 days a week. Not too bad. It will get more intense as “real” training begins – when I run 3 miles for 3 days a week and then it’ll spike on a long run on Saturdays. Right now, I prefer … Continue reading

A Migraine + Chocolate = Best Run Ever?

So far, I’ve been doing short 30 minute runs to just get my body into the routine of running frequently. Each day, I progress at a faster pace and more mileage, which is surprising – considering I have not run consistently for two years. Needless to say, I’ve been surprising myself at such rapid progress. … Continue reading

Early Morning Runs in New Hampshire

My new favorite place to run….in the woods of New Hampshire. I did two pre-training runs over the weekend in New Hampshire. The weather was amazing, and if it could stay 65 degrees and sunny all winter long, I would be forever grateful to the weather gods! So gorgeous! I know I’m a weirdo, but … Continue reading

A Post-Election Day Run

I woke up the morning after the Election Day very excited for the next four years. Regardless of who you voted for, I think everyone should be proud to be part of the democratic process. There are so many countries across the world that don’t even have this, and many more that do, but voting … Continue reading

My feet hurt! My legs are so sore!

Ok, so first day of a pre-training run. (Yes, there is pre-training for the actual training). Those of us who haven’t run consistently in years need it. It was COLD and early and windy. I feel this is going to be a running theme (no pun intended!) throughout my training. I managed to do 2.42 … Continue reading